Human Equivalent: Mysterious War Vetran

Billy named me Bakari which means hopeful read my story

I am a bit rough around the edges but when you look close absolutely beautiful.  I haven’t had the best life & my scars show a sad story.  I adore people and relaxing, I am very smart and a fast learner.  I also LOVE eating!

Beautiful Bakari has been waiting for his forever family for almost a year now.

He is a relaxed boy who just wants to love and enjoy some music and treats with you. He is very gentle, friendly and adores people.  He is +- 6 years old and has had a very hard life.
Bakari has been let down by humans too many times. He was rescued in terrible condition.
😢 He has a broken ear and tail and many battle scars hiding under his gorgeous new coat. But that doesn’t bother him one bit.  Heaven only knows what this poor boy has endured.

Because of this abuse and neglect Bakari understandably is a bit weary of other dogs.
He loves people and will be ok with very calm lady dogs who won’t invade his space and would respect his boundaries. He would be great as an only dog too.  Please give Bakari a chance, he has a personality to die for.

Bakari must be an only dog, he is situated in Cape Town but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

To adopt BAKARI please email us on

Male, Siberian Husky, with a Black & White Fur Coat and Blue eyes, DOB 2012

Adopt Bakari Husky Rescue South Africa

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I love my girls in Cape Town giving me so much love and getting me better!

husky rescue husky rescue


I had my first bath to soothe my sore and itchy skin, I’m starting to trust the volunteers that are helping me


And now just look at me today … don’t I look amazing and beautiful?

adopt husky rescue south africa


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