It is so exciting! Thanks to a relocation decision made by one of our members, HRSA is in a position to move to a new “forever home”! This property is situated in a safe environment and will provide the comfort of a permanent home for our haven!  Making this piece of land into a home for our dogs is going to take a bit of work though, and we’ve only got about 8-10 weeks.

So we really need your help…please see a list below of goods or services we need to make the relocation go smoothly with as little impact on the dogs as possible🙏🐾

1. Architect / Space planner: this is urgent to help us map out the design of the new shelter
2. Professionals who can disassemble and reassemble our existing wendyhouses 
3. Plants for pots
4. Trees
5. Secondhand/new wendyhouses (we are also building additional runs so need more houses for the dogs)
6. Cement
7. Riversand
8. Prefab walling
9. Gum poles / wooden poles
10. Bricks

We will also need lots of hands to help, both during building and also with the actual move. So just keep your eye on the page to see what’s planned and when.

If you need any specs or are able to donate any of the above goods/time please contact Siobhan on

REMEMBER WE ARE A PBO so all donations are tax deductible