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We rescue dogs from all over South Africa. Before a dog can be adopted a home check will be required to ensure dogs are homed to approved and well suited homes and we relocate dogs to anywhere in South Africa.
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Husky Haven

The Haven is run and managed by Joanne van Niekerk and her team of experienced and caring staff to ensure…

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How can you help us?

At Husky Rescue we’re all about the animals. In order to complete our mission of rescuing pets, nursing them back…

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Our Sponsors

Please support our wonderful sponsors, Husky Rescue South Africa would not be able to rehabilitate and re-home the dogs that…

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Our area of operation is large and we cannot do the work without the support of the community. There are many ways you can assist, by volunteering, giving regular donations or assisting with fund raising.

Reasons Adoption Denied

Reasons You Were Denied Adoption

So your adoption was denied and getting told “no” is difficult in any scenario, but remember: A shelter’s first priority is looking out for its animals’ well-being.

Rejection is frustrating. Whether you’re applying for a loan, asking for a date or even trying to adopt a pet, that getting-the-door-slammed-in-your-face feeling is tough.

Though it’s natural to get defensive, take a moment and consider why your application was denied.


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Our Adoption Policy & Procedure

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our application and for considering a rescued animal. The application contains many questions concerning various facets of husky ownership. This is so that we can match potential adopters with animals that they will be compatible with, and to avoid the undue stress (for you and the animal) associated with an inappropriate placement. Our first and foremost concern is what is in the best interest of the animal(s).


Impulse Control

Mental Stimulation Ideas For Dogs

Here are some great ideas on how keep your dog/s mentally stimulated

Dogs need both mental and physical exercise to be balanced and healthy.  Finding ways to do this can be challenging.

Understanding the need for and providing opportunities for physical exercise is relatively common knowledge among dog owners.  But the concept that having a dog or dogs is a partnership and that your dog wants and needs to spend QUALITY time with you, is more difficult.