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We rescue dogs from all over South Africa. Before a dog can be adopted a home check will be required to ensure dogs are homed to approved and well suited homes and we relocate dogs to anywhere in South Africa.
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Our area of operation is large and we cannot do the work without the support of the community. There are many ways you can assist, by volunteering, giving regular donations or assisting with fund raising.

There’s no other gem like this one!!

Is there anyone willing to give him a chance?  Beautiful Bakari has been waiting for his forever family for almost a year now.  He is a relaxed boy who just wants to love and enjoy some music and treats with you. He is very gentle, friendly and adores people. He is +- 6 years old and has had a very hard life.  Bakari has been let down by humans too many times. He was rescued in terrible condition.  He has a broken ear and tail and many battle scars hiding under his gorgeous new coat. But that doesn’t bother him one bit. Heaven only knows what this poor boy has endured. Because of this abuse and neglect Bakari understandably is a bit weary of other dogs.

He loves people and will be OK with very calm lady dogs who won’t invade his space and would respect his boundaries. He would be great as an only dog too.  Please give Bakari a chance, he has a personality to die for.  Situated in Cape Town but can be relocated 🙂   To adopt Bakari please email us at 


Thanks Helga, Dr Sandra, all the vets and everyone else involved!

When Helga Tsoumboris heard about our squatter camp rescues she immediately contacted us to offer the services of the GDARD vet team to help with sterilisation and vaccinations.

Today thanks to the amazing team under Dr Sandra and with the generous offer of the use of premises at Bosheuvel Estates we were able to get three of them sterilised.

It was an amazing experience for us and so nice to be there when our precious babies woke up and to be able to comfort them.


One of our long time residents – Happy homing at last!

Fairytale endings and rags to riches stories are what keep us going at Husky Rescue and yesterday was no exception when Charm left for his new home. Picked up in Cape Town as a skinny, malnourished, and infested with parasites and tick born diseases Prince Charming turned into the clown of the Haven, always with a smile on his face. 

Charm bowled over his new mom and dad with his easy going and chilled manner and simply irresistible personality. 

We will miss him but are very thankful to Carmen and Dwane for choosing to adopt, and we know he has landed with his bum in the butter. 💖💗


SAINTs Animal Charity Shop

Thank you SAINTs Animal Charity!

Wow, we knew Viv and the staff at SAINTs Animal Charity had been working extra hard to make this a super special Birthday bonus but the amount raised is astounding!

Bolt and Devi say that this money will go so far in helping all the dogs that we are inundated with every single day and they both want to thank Aunty Viv and the Saints team on behalf of all of us and the residents at Husky Rescue SA.