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Meet our dogs available for Adoption

We rescue dogs from all over South Africa. Before a dog can be adopted a home check will be required to ensure dogs are homed to approved and well suited homes and we relocate dogs to anywhere in South Africa.
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The work of Husky Rescue South Africa is funded entirely by public donations. Your support is vital if we are to make a lasting difference to animals' lives. Your gift today - whatever sum you choose to give - will help us save animals from suffering and give them the expert treatment and care they need.

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Our area of operation is large and we cannot do the work without the support of the community. There are many ways you can assist, by volunteering, giving regular donations or assisting with fund raising.

Lupin Husky Rescue South Africa

My Sweet Lupin Love!

Finally your forever home has come. This has been the hardest but happiest goodbye. What a road it’s been. You have healed and blossomed into a spark of beautiful madness! I will miss you everyday, most of all the way you communicatively looked at me…. and the stories you tell with your eyes.. You completely filled my heart without trying! Enjoy your forever after! I love you! Thank you to the amazing Broedelet family for giving Loops a chance.

Lara Viljoen


How Dogs Can Help with Mental Health

An amazing 95% of us see our dogs like family, and it’s not hard to see why that is the case. For thousands of years, we have lived side by side with them, and they have become an integral part of life for so many of us.

Similarly, a good number of people suffer from mental health issues, and it can be hard to go through it alone – hence we have dogs in our lives. As someone who suffers from crippling anxiety that affects my everyday life (amongst other mental health stuff), the comforting presence of my dog throughout each day has been a constant I never truly knew I needed until he appeared in my life.

It’s because of him that I am able to get out of bed every morning and face the day – because he needs me to do these things for him in order to live a happy life, and my husband works odd hours so I am the only one who can do it.

Husky Rescue South Africa Mandela Day

Bring your Busky Bear to life!

Husky Rescue & the Teddy Bear Foundation bring you an exciting initiative for MANDELA DAY! Buy our Busky packs which contain a teddy bear skin, some eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tummy and most importantly some husky fluff to stuff your bear. Bring your Busky Bear to life!

All proceeds go towards Husky Rescue, and Busky Bears will be gifted to children in the Teddy Bear Foundation program. The Bears will bring these children comfort when they testify against their assailants in court. Spend your 67 MINUTES changing the life of a fur child and a human child.

Contact Dominique or Nikki for more information. Orders close on 22 June 2018.


Husky Rescue South Africa

Give Rescues a chance

Written by our fabulous supporter Denise Chatton Pienaar who nearly returned Talini – we always tell new owners it takes 3 weeks or more for a rescue to settle in and integrate into a pack. GIVE THEM A CHANCE!

Hi everyone!
My name is Talini. My parents tell me it means ‘Snow Angel’. I kinda like that. Its cool. And it describes me well. Apart from my ears, I am snow white! Or very nearly. I also have a black ring around the base of my tail and what Mom calls a black ‘splodge’ on my bum! Well, not my bum exactly – but you know what I mean. The top of my left leg (near my bum). Mom and Dad always say that after my Creator had finished painting my perfect, velvety ears, He must have spilt the paint. Yes, strange as it may seem, I was created by God! Just like you!