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We rescue dogs from all over South Africa. Before a dog can be adopted a home check will be required to ensure dogs are homed to approved and well suited homes and we relocate dogs to anywhere in South Africa.
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Our area of operation is large and we cannot do the work without the support of the community. There are many ways you can assist, by volunteering, giving regular donations or assisting with fund raising.

Buy a Raffle Ticket and help Bently

Catherine Sinclair Bell has been so generous in donating this amazing Gingerbread house to be raffled towards my #NuttyNovember campaign for Husky Rescue to help Bentley see. 

Raffle tickets will cost R30 each and can be purchased by making payment into the Husky Rescue account below with the reference Raffle and sending proof to, I will then send you back your ticket(s).

The house even comes with a light inside and can be made with either ginger or vanilla biscuits but unfortunately can only be delivered in the Gauteng area as it is quite fragile.
The raffle will be drawn on Friday 30 November.

Account name: Husky Rescue SA
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Cape Gate
Branch Code: 02 39 10
Account number: 271474092

Our Honorary Husky Levi

We were up bright and early this morning to pick up this poor boy to take to the vet. His pensioner dad loves him to bits but on his state pension he just didn’t have the money to get Levi’s skin treated.

Poor Levi has been suffering for a few months while his dad tried home remedies etc. His face, neck and ears are very sore as well as his paws which were so bad he bit off a claw recently.
So we did a deal, firstly we will pretend he is a husky so we can book him in at Brackenhurst Veterinary Hospital to get treatment.

Secondly we said we will help if we can sterilize him at the same time which his desperate dad readily agreed to.

We will also make sure he gets some decent food going forward so his skin can heal properly.
Look forward to posting some after pics of this honorary husky once he is better.


Lee’s Story

The first time we came to know Lee was when a neighbor approached me asking for assistance with a dog he had just acquired the night before. He said the dog was refusing to eat. I put together a delicious bowl of puppy pellets mixed with some tasty pet mince and went along to see the dog. When my eyes first fell on Lee, I knew this dog needed help and SOON. I offered Lee the food, but to my surprise, he refused it.

We made an appointment with Bergzicht vet and bundled Lee into the car and set off.
We met with the doctor who examined Lee. She took blood and ran some tests. Lee had a whole list of issues.

Lee had previously belonged to a teenage boy who had little or no knowledge of how to care for a dog and even if he had the knowledge, his family was too poor to afford to care for a dog, let alone a husky. Lee had endured years of neglect and extreme starvation. He had spent all those years chained up with little room to move around, no kennel and very little food and water. Once the boy realized that the dog had become ill, he decided to pass the dog on to whoever was prepared to take the skeletal dog, in this case, it happened to be my neighbor. Grateful that the dog was away from incompetent hands, we agreed to assist my neighbor to get Lee well again.


What are the chances?

What are the chances of finding a home for a 10 year old husky?
What are the chances of also finding a home for her 6 year old son?
What are the chances when the son had a deformity from birth and we had to have his leg amputated?

Slim chance you may say but thanks to the wonderful Bester family in Midrand both Snowy and Link the 3 legged boy went to their new home yesterday.

They have a huge garden to explore and 2 new friends to play with.

Go well both of you and enjoy your new life with your family!


Winter Update

This very shy and sometimes grumpy and reactive girl has come so far. Beautiful Winter (black and white) was adopted this year in July and is doing wonderfully, thanks to her awesome humans Ettienne and Angela Du Toit and special Ragnør (white and grey).

From the very beginning they were never put off by the fact that she would need a lot of work, time, love and patience.

Thank you so much Ettienne, Angela and Ragnør for your kindness and for being Winter’s happiness and inviting her into your home without hesitation! You are the perfect example of sticking it out! You are angels!